Rhetoric Group

Rhetoric Group Drive (RG Drive)

Rhetoric Group Drive (RG Drive)

A cloud-based storage solution

Our cloud-based storage and collaboration SaaS is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses, remote teams, freelancers, educational institutions and non-profit organizations who need a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and secure way to store and share files and documents.

All The Features

Collaborate And Store Smarter

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Send & Share

You have the option to email a document from the system as an attachment to anyone.

Streamlined File Management

You have the ability to store an unlimited number of documents organized by category or subcategory.

Instant Preview

You can view a preview of files that have been uploaded, such as audio, video, image, text, PDF, and Microsoft Office documents.

Document Encryption

All documents are stored in an encrypted format on the server, and only the system has the capability to decrypt the documents.

Document Access Control

You can designate documents to be assigned to users or roles for a specific duration or indefinitely, with the option to enable or disable downloading.

Audit Trail

Get logs of details like the document’s creator, editors, viewers, and those who were granted permission to access it, including users and roles.

Document Meta Tags

You have the ability to attach multiple Meta Tags to documents, allowing you to search for specific documents using these tags.

Document Versioning

You can upload multiple versions of a document, view and access older versions, and even restore them to the current version.


Users have the option to add or view multiple comments on the file.

Set & Send Reminders

You can configure recurring reminders in the system or on specific documents for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, or specific date intervals, and receive notifications or emails accordingly.

Real Time Notifications

When you share a document with users or roles, the shared users or roles receive immediate notifications.

Multilanguage Support

The application is preloaded with English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages by default. Additionally, you have the option to easily add a new language within minutes.

Access Management

The authorization for privilege control is based on roles and individual users.

Smart Dashboard

You can view document statistics and reminders categorized by category, as well as a calendar view.

User & Role Management

The administrator has the ability to create users and roles through the admin panel, and assign roles to individual users.

Unlimited features and storage

RG Drive Pricing


Perfect for small to enterprise teams

$150.10 /year or KES.15,800
Key features & specifications
  • This plan is perfect for individuals or small teams who need a simple and affordable cloud storage solution. With 60 GB of storage, you can easily store and share your files and documents.
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As Solid As It Can Be

RG Drive is designed and built to give you the best user experience and function as intended.